Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just talk

Ending my attachment soon - started telling bye bye to who ever I meet.

Well, most of the trees are still green as what May has observed. Waiting to take picture of trees with falling leave and... when will this day comes? The weather is not really cold except for the past 2 days, ranging from 10 to 4 degree Celcius. I was mentally prepared for it to be more chill today but haiz! temperature raise back to about 15. Aiyo - kind of hard to predict.

Something terrible happen to me - I suddenly realise my arms and legs are dry, scaly and itchy today... now i am forced to apply lotion; I never like all these sticky, sticky stuff leh.

Started packing; this kiasu me has collected quite a bit of resources and book. Wondering how am I going to carry these "barang-barang" home. Will the barang-barang exceeding the weight or no? Another headache lor...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My attachment to KIR

Is my third week in Kessler and yet have not write anything about this institution, terrible me 真糟糕。

Kessler is located up the hill; not what I thought before coming. Is about 1 mile away from where I stay, took less than 5 minutes drive but 30-40 minutes walking. There are beautiful sceneries along the way but no walking path 怕怕。

It is a very clean and beautiful hospital, surrounded by gardens and trees. People are very warm and friendly and very generous with sharing information. They have a broad vision of having patients to receive best care regardless whether patient is with Kessler or other institution...

Kessler has its new extention in December last year. The centre setup is totally from the patients' perspective and is equipped with advance facilities. The rooms are built in such a way that all patients could view the outside sceneries through the glass window. They have a huge patients' area/lounge every floor for patients and family to dine, meet and watch TV. Computers are also available for patients or visitors to assess to internet informations or e-mails. Pictures and photographs of the patients' activities are displayed along the wall of the corridors.

3 main units - Spinal cord injury, Brain injury and general rehabilitation at each floor; specific features are built accordingly to meet the care. Each floor has its own gym department with huge gym space - very impressive.

I was introduced to most people in Kessler and is treated as a special guest. Permission was given to me to freely move around the hospital and free meal coupon throughout my attachment. Am truly touch by their hospitality...

No regret for choosing this hospital, I have gained great experience and insight to what a rehab hospital should be - well done, Kessler.

Outpatient clinics, outpatient therapy (gym) and offices

Kessler - Main entrance

Clear view from patient's room

Conference Centre, library and research department

I get very excited each time I see the therapy dog. It is well like by patients. No one is to touch/distract its attention when doing its duty.

Souvenirs I brought for Kessler - presented to the President and are displayed on the wall.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My weekend on 13-14th Oct...

Cheow wanted to visit me in West Orange. I was worried about the transportation, hardly I can see a bus here, Taxi also NO leh, must call. Anyway, die die we forced through to meet on Saturday.

My landlady is a darling. Despite of her busy schedule, she offered help when I was cracking my head on how are we to move around from the bus stop. She sent me to fetch Cheow from bus stop and then to Livingstone mall. We started our shopping there...

I never knew this friend of mine is such a “shopper-holic”. Everything to her taste and truly, those ‘barang-barang’ fitted her well. So, there gone her US $260.00… I was thinking hard of what to buy for everyone back home but so difficult leh, not the money but will they like the clothes I buy? My ‘ah-so’ taste? Ai ya, better not buy, safer to get something else than clothing.

Sunday, followed the family to ‘pick’ apples. It is the yearly occasion here where the farm opens for people to pick and pluck apples as well as pumpkin. I have never see apple tree and pumpkin plant before, now not only I see them but also pluck the fruits, yeah! 真贪玩 。


Weather is turining cold...don’t laugh at me that I look like lion (messy hair), I got no time to get change but just grabbed my wallet to go along

Apple trees and pumpkins...

Pictures took along the way

Some beautiful sceneries...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Night city in New York

Got the opportunity to see the night city, New York when the family invited me to join them. We went by the Holland tunnel and returned via Lincoln tunnel (both tunnel under-sea).

There is a great different between New Jersey and New York. Over here in NY is very busy and heavy traffic. Many people walking along the street, and litter seen every where. The china town is like the old china town in Singapore and KL – low building and the shop names are all in Chinese.

We went into a famous bun 包 shop. The people here speaks Cantonese – my feeling went back to those old day…I am amused by their approach, exactly the good old day’s way of handling. People do not mind at all and waited patiently to get their order. This family orders 2 dozen of bun 烧包 and 烧卖 took them about an hour. They love the bun very much and each time the order can be 2-4 dozen. Aiyo, I am just too comfortable back home, we could easily get bun everywhere and will never spent so much time (traveling and waiting = 2 hours, 我的妈呀).

Lighting over in time square is beautiful (see video) and people just crowding up the street, very busy streets.

Try down loading some of the video taken but mostly unsuccessful. Hopefully these 3 work.

Time Square

Shops' name along china town are written in chinese

Along the street...

Pictures ...

about 11pm at night, the streets are busy, people area ctive

The famous bun shop in china town, New York City

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Video took at petshop

Cute-cute hamster (correction: Shan told me these are ferrets)

Colurful birds


Can't really squeeze out time - busy e-mailing and chatting. Put up some picture first.

My temporary home

The greens and fresh air...

Quiet and peacesful environment. No one walk except for me. Main mode of transport : driving (car)

Nearest shopping mall. No much things here. Took some video at petshop.

Mount Pleasant Plaza down the road

Preparing for Halloween

Next, Kessler institute for Rehab where I attach to is coming on the way

Monday, October 8, 2007

Finally touch down to NJ

Departing from home...

Finally I touched down to West Orange New Jersey on 6 Oct 2007, New York time: 1733 hrs. The weather is nice, sky is clear and temperature is 29o Celsius. Spent a while queuing at immigration. Heard custom here is very strict but surprisingly I was allowed through without checking.

I have been very much occupied past few days. I am like a frog in the well 井底之蛙, have never see the outside world. This is the first time I am leaving my comfort zone; am rather anxious and excited.

I never did so much shopping before. Thinking hard of what to buy and how much is enough. Aiyo, headache lah.

Julia asked me if I have prepared the warm clothing – then I came to know that fall season is not just cool 凉风落叶but can go beyond freezing point. Help….I need help, somebody help me…我的妈呀,谁来帮我?我这乡下姥姥可是什麽都不懂。生平第一次听说long john, 还有什麽八度以上还是以下啦,羊毛成份多少啦…长袖毛衣,外套,手套,袜子 也各有分类; 搞了一阵子方弄懂。哎哟好贵哟,我需要买多少才够?我不要失去budget 啦。I took some times get to know all these items, 成功.

Next, Souvenirs 礼多人不怪嘛。I got the gifts but still feeling not enough. Haiz, 真头疼。Finally, ready to set off – Two luggage bags, one big one small plus a laptop and hand carry bag. Wow, kiasu me.

Pete, Wei & Shan sent me to the airport. Very bad lor, I love them so much but they don’t seem to miss me at all 呜呜.

Picture taken at Changi Airport

Nineteen hours flight sitting in that small constricted space surprisingly did not get pressure ulcer. 嘻嘻,My pressure relief worked. I spent about ten to twelve hours on four movies, songs, and books. The remaining time spent on food and nap lor.

I am lucky to have the internet connection set up soon I arrived. Staying with a lovely family consists of a grandma, father, mother and a pair of twins. I received a hospitality welcome and joined them for dinner immediate we arrived home.

Julia asked if I experience jet lag 时差?我好像没感觉。天暗了就是晚上lor. I could adjust pretty well, sky dark = night. This is my room for the coming one month. Big bed but disadvantages are no writing table and only have table lamps, I have to adapt doing work under this romantic environment, 可怜的我。

Tired already, to be continued...